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Jamie Lerner has regularly appeared on Conscious Evolution Media. This episode below is one of the best shows!

In the video segment below, Jamie talks about children and genuine communication. Note: If the video doesn't auto-advance, watch Jamie at 29 minutes.

Past Podcast Shows

iCreateDailyPodcast: A Movement for Creators Serious About Their Art
Watch Jamie and mother-daughter co-hosts LeAura Alderson and Devani Alderson talk Creative and Integrative in this gently curious video about finding your own light-hearted soulful place.

Happiness at Work: Management 3.0
"Happiness is an Inside Job" features an insightful conversation between host Sam Mednick and Jamie about how the conversation we have with ourselves from one moment to the next is the key to our own happiness, and how this practice spreads joy and happiness to others in our lives.

Empower Humans: A Success, Joy & Growth Podcast!
In this delightful episode, host Phil Rowson and Jamie discuss the deep but simple concept that self-connection is the basis of all our interpersonal relationships. The two also explore ideas about procrastination, exercise, intution, appreciation and feeling good about ourselves.

Work From Your Happy Place
Host Belinda Ellsworth interviews Jamie about working from her happy place of Integrative Well Being.

Be. Dream. Do, Living by Design
Star World Wide Networks presents David Whitehorn, Robin Cotè, and Jamie in a deep discussion about self care and self connection. The three share an understanding of how there is no judgment when we are connected with ourselves, and how this enables us to dream big and do amazing things with our lives.

Love Your Story
In this episode, host Lori Lee and Jamie delve into the art of allowing and what it really means for our individual stories. Each brings a loving, mindful perspective to allowing that contrasts and converges on this most salient subject of our lives.

Raw Relationships
Host Melissa Walker talks to Jamie about having connection with ourselves from moment to moment, including accepting moments of conscious disconnection when that is our choice. The two discuss fun and innovative strategies of connection and self-love, touching on family issues as well.

Shining from the Shadows
This podcast deeply explores details about the art of changing your storyline in a loving and curious way. Marissa Pane and Jamie elucidate how to unpack your story, reframe it and manifest what you want.

Lyons Radio Network
Spiritual Intelligence host Ima Sumac Watkins talks to Jamie about ways to change your storyline from a knowing place of well-being and self-love, with each bringing a unique lens to the discussion.

SoulSpark Radio
In To Find the One, You Have to be the One, hosts Linda Giangreco and Gray Robinson have a lively conversation with Jamie about making the best choices we can for ourselves in the thorniest of situations.

Power Talk: The Art of Allowing
Host Jean Adrienne talks to Jamie about the Art of Allowing and how you can use appreciation and other tools to ease yourself back from disconnection and judgement into a place of knowing and well-being.

WiseHealth for Women Radio
In this episode, Perspective: Reframing and Renaming Life Experiences, host Linda Kreter connects with Jamie about the importance of mindset and perspective for reframing and renaming experiences to create healthier, happier outcomes.

The Next Chapter
Charlie Hedges and Jamie discuss the Wonder of You in this podcast by digging into how you can really change your storyline by looking at your past with your now perspective. This gentle re-framing frees you of any unwanted feelings and behaviors that no longer serve you, helping you back into alignment with yourself.

Beyond the Food
In this episode enititled How to Reinvent Yourself: Change Your Storyline, Change Your Life with Jamie Lerner, Host Stephanie Dodier talks to Jamie about reconnecting with ourselves about how we think and feel about food, relaxing into our lived story by letting go of anxiety, and embracing appreciation, nutrition and enjoyment of food for our well-being.

Second Wind Podcast
In this lovely podcast created by and about women, host Joyce Buford talks to Jamie about feeling, living and changing your Storyline in the moment. They discuss divorce and other transitions women face, and how to find self-love by shifting your perceptions.

Change Your Life, Change Your Storyline
Bostonspeaks and Jamie explore the storyline dynamic together in this live-recorded Crowdcast video (free registration required to view).

Well-Being and The Sinful Nature
John Christy and Jamie compare and contrast ideas about human nature and well-being from different perspectives.

Fun, Fiesty, Fabulous
Hosts Karyn Beach and Jean Day talk with Jamie Lerner about how it all starts with you! This means the relationship we have with ourself is the foundation for every other relationship we have with another.

Welcome to the Mosaic Garden

»Listen to the show starting at the part where Jamie comes on (18:39).

The Mosaic Shaman Kristi Ellen and Jamie get together and dig into some of the deepest aspects of the Art of Allowing in this amazing podcast.

Life Transformation Radio
Sean Douglas engages Jamie in a lively discussion about finding your alignment, getting unstuck through inspiration and allowing without judgement.

Girl Power Hour
Jamie returns to Girl Power Hour with Toshia Humphries to talk about human connection utilizing selective sifting and other practices (Also check out Jamie's previous appearance on the Girl Power Hour)

The Big Movement Podcast
Host Byron Ingraham and Jamie Lerner rap about intuitive parenting, genuine communication, putting people at ease, and other concepts in this Changing Your State episode.

Silver Rae Fox talks to Jamie about tapping into our inner expert and achieving harmony in our lives.

The Frederic Byé Show
Sky is the limit with Frederic Byé on the Creative Magic Network, who discusses parenting, dating, contrast and more with Jamie

Intensely Positive!
Kelvin Ringold, Sr and Jamie talk about self-love, happiness, and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Girl Power Hour
Toshia Humphries explores possibilities for 2017 with Jamie in this insightful and empowering show.

The Good Intention Show
Jim Ray and Jamie Lerner disuss how to turn our worst nightmares into our best times in this engaging podcast.

A Gang of Girls Radio
Ariel Grace has a deep and meaningful conversation with Jamie about all things ever-loving.

All things Therapy
Lisa Tahir chats with Jamie about our current powerful time of change and post-traumatic election distress.
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Hearing Voices Podcast
Host David Angelo speaks with Jamie about aspects of Well Being, including Happiness, Peace, Higher Consciousness, Awareness, and the Law of Attraction.
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Coach Cafe Radio
Listen to Life Coach Kathleen Martin's inspirational discussion with Jamie Lerner on Coach Cafe Radio.
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Power of the Present Moment
Dina Proctor, mind-body coach and author of the book Madly Chasing Peace talks to Jamie Lerner about the Power of the Present Moment.
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On The Law of Distraction and Interruption
Join Joe Carroccio, the Founder & President of the Good Life News, Inc., on achieveradio.com as he interviews Jamie Lerner about well-being, going within and finding yourself, conscious choice and contrast in this excerpt from the show that aired August 20, 2011.
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Mind, Body & Soul Show - Coach Steve Toth, Founder of the Real Coaching Radio-TV Network, discusses some of the tools of The Ever-Loving Essence of You with Jamie

The Charmaine Show
Host and Certified Life Coach Charmaine Augustin discusses the The Ever-Loving Essence of You with Jamie Lerner
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Explain That Talk Show
When you are in love with yourself you don't have time to sweat the small stuff. You are at peace with yourself, you master the way to align your life with your goals. Join hosts Nikkea Smithers and Autumn as they get deeper into their self love series in this talk with Jamie Lerner.
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Authentic Self Expressions - Brought to you by the Center for Authentic Self Development host Kimberly Englot speaks with Jamie about how to have a love affair with yourself, and how to truly connect with others.
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Power Women Magazine - Jamie Lerner enthusiastically shares with readers suggestions of how to illuminate and refine their life experience, and positions them as their own experts of personal choice.
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Inspirasoul - Inspiring souls to live and love authentically, with special guest Jamie Lerner.
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Living Smart and Well: Loving Your Essence - Inez Bracy interviews Jamie Lerner, co-author of the Ever-Loving Essence of You, on how to have a love affair with yourself. In this interview Jamie shares illuminating tools for joyous living, and invites listeners to give themselves the greatest gift of all, and that would be the gift of self-love. As Jamie says, "imagine feeling joyful and connected to yourself at all times."
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Womensville - Jamie will share her life passion on how women can create a better relationship with themselves, as well as how to bring more purpose and joy into their lives.
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onlinewithandrea - Authors Jamie Lerner and Lauren Targ go onlinewithandrea to discuss their recent book The Ever-Loving Essence Of You, which teaches us how to create a long-term connected relationship with ourself. Hosted By Andrea R. Garrison
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Fun, Fabulous & Free - Jamie Lerner, author of The Ever-Loving Essence of You, will share tools you can use to help romance yourself into the greatest relationship of all, which is the one you have with yourself. Reconnecting with yourself, your wants and your desires will help you create a more "fun, fabulous and free" life. 
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"The Ever-Loving Essence of You is a gentle guide that allows readers to recognize their own potential when they adopt the art of allowing. It encourages one to re-write past experiences and to use the past not simply as a memory but as a tool to opening the door to healing. Furthermore, it reminds us of our own intrinsic powers to influence the direction and the outcome of our life’s path."
Iliana Sweis, MD, FACS, Chicago IL

"The Ever-Loving Essence of You is THE book to help you fall in love with yourself again and gently live a life that is fulfilling as well as authentic to who you are."
—Jill Lublin, International Speaker / Best Selling Author

"Jamie Lerner and Lauren Targ have bestowed a wonderful gift upon the world.  Their book, The Ever-Loving Essence of You, is simply perfect from cover to cover.  It makes walking through this world easier.  It gives you permission to be happy!  I read it from start to finish and found my heart lighter.  Now it sits out on a table where I may pick it up each day to see what message I may be reminded of with a smile. Go get your heart smile on.  Buy this book!"
—Tory Altree, MD, CT

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