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About Jamie

I was born with a knowing; a true sense of who I came forth to become. Fortunately I grew up in a family where there was tremendous encouragement to explore every curiosity and embark on each incredible journey of self-discovery. I threw myself into the mix of life with a sense of wild abandonment. There was so much to experience and I was bound and determined to explore it all. I was ahead of my time, always choosing the road less traveled as I allowed my inner being to guide me every step of the way. The contrast that I have experienced throughout my lifetime has been stunning. Each and every wonderful moment has brought me closer to the clarity of the life that I have so joyfully created and live out each and every day.

I am on what I often call my "third life." I have co-created a beautiful family with my successful and dynamic husband. I received my MSW from Loyola University, and developed a wonderful thriving private psychotherapy practice. I have traveled the world exploring all types of spiritual healing modalities. I am a passionate amateur equestrian rider. I have an insatiable appetite for pleasure, beauty and joy.

I am now so appreciative to be able to offer this integrative approach to well-being, as well as a lovely new texting option called The Quickie, providing you with an easy way of checking back in with yourself at a moment’s notice, allowing you to re-frame your current thoughts and feelings, so that you may quickly be on your merry way.

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