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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions does it take before I will begin to relax back into my natural state of well-being?

During the initial telephone consultation you will begin to feel better immediately. I will help you re-frame your current situation so that it feels more manageable for you. I will assist you in the beginning stages of seeing your problem as a wonderful opportunity to gain some clarity for yourself.

Within the next two sessions, I will introduce some new concepts and tools that you can begin to apply right away. Within six sessions, most of my clients have made a significant vibrational shift and really understand the process of redirecting themselves inward. This is a fun and quick process that gently and directly guides you back to the connection that you have with yourself.

What does it mean to change your storyline?

Our story is what we tell ourselves and others over and over and over. It is like our mantra. Most of the time, we are unaware of how we feel about our story, even as we are incessantly repeating it. 

Ask yourself, is your story working for you now, and how do you feel when you are telling your story? Does it feel good? If so than keep telling it, because the life that you are living is a direct reflection of the story that you are telling, and its all working well for you. If your story does not feel good to you when you are telling it, then it probably does not feel good to you as you are living it.

The beauty of this revelation is that at any time, in a moment's notice, you can change your storyline. You can recreate a small part of it or create an entirely new story: a story that feels good when you tell it and feels good as you begin to live it. The new story is more about the way that you would like things to be and less about the way that things are.

It begins to make sense if you buy into the notion that what we think about is what we get. That would be true for wanted and unwanted things. This is a universal law called the Law Of Attraction.

As we work together I will assist you in the re-framing of your current situation. You will begin to identify and recreate your story in such a way that brings you joy and happiness every time you tell it. As you step into your story and live it, you will have regained your natural state of well-being.

The book The Ever-Loving Essence of You details this proccess.

What is The Quickie?

The Quickie is a lovely private texting option that provides you with an easy way of checking back in with yourself at a moment’s notice. It can be utilized with or without supporting Integrative Sessions.

What happens if I miss a scheduled session with you that I have not cancelled in advance?

If you are unable to make our previously scheduled appointment time, and you were unable to give me advance notice, I will use the amount of pre-paid time that you scheduled and missed to compose an email to you recapping our last session together, along with my thoughts and suggestions about matters which we have previously discussed.

Are you available for speaking engagements or radio appearances?

Yes, please see the Press Kit page for details.